Theta Tau differs from other organizations. It combines the desirable features of general fraternities, technical societies, and honor societies to prepare its student members for the engineering profession.

The purpose of Theta Tau is to develop and maintain a high standard of professional interest among its members, and to unite them in a strong bond of fraternal fellowship. In addition to the desirable attributes of a general fraternity, it offers a common bond: an interest in and pursuance of engineering in its various branches. Founded in 1904, we are the largest and oldest professional co-ed engineering fraternity in the nation and encompass all disciplines of engineering.




About Theta Tau


Theta Tau

Theta Tau was founded as the "Society of Hammer and Tongs," on October 15, 1904, by Erich J. Schrader, Elwin L. Vinal, William M. Lewis, and Isaac B. Hanks, mining engineering students at the University of Minnesota. They agreed that character qualifications should have top priority in membership selection.

In 1911, representatives of the three chapters and the alumni association met at the University of Minnesota for the first national Convention, the name was changed to Theta Tau, a revised Ritual approved, and the present badge adopted. Perhaps the most important for its future expansion, it was decided that Theta Tau would include all branches of engineering.

On June 3rd, 1995 Theta Tau Omega officially became the University of Florida's Theta Tau Colony. The goal of the colony was to become one of the finest engineering societies on campus and ultimately become a chapter of Theta Tau. During the colony period Theta Tau Omega experienced rapid growth and began several fraternity traditions including their annual St. Patrick's Day "Green Tongue Party". The colony also adopted a two-mile stretch of road in Gainesville and hosted several professional development events.

The members wanted to promote professional interest among its members, serve the community and create a strong fraternal bond among its members. On April 27, 1996 their goal was realized and the colony became the Zeta Gamma chapter of Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity.