Spring 2019 Rush

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Rushing Theta Tau

     Rushing is an open invitation for all eligible students to start the process of becoming members of Theta Tau. Rush is usually held during the first few weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters. During this time, you will see signs posted saying "Rush Theta Tau." Theta Tau holds Rush events where we give out pizza, go to the Swamp, play pool, BBQ, and do other assorted activities.

     You first meet the members of Theta Tau, and they get to meet you. The purpose is to let the brothers of Theta Tau know you are interested in joining. You also learn about the fraternity and the upcoming pledge cycle, so you can make an informed decision about joining. During the two rush weeks, students are encouraged come to as many rush events as possible but only required to go to a minimum of two rush events, in addition to one info session. Also during rush, students should introduce themselves to the members and ask any questions they may have about Theta Tau. At the end of the rush period, the members of Theta Tau discuss and decide who should receive a bid and continue on to the pledge process.

Rush & Pledge Eligibility Requirements

     Any student of the UF College of Engineering is eligible to be a member of Theta Tau. Mostly, the prime qualification is possessing good character. We do have a few particular qualifications that must be met at the time of initiation (after pledging, at the end of the semester). A member must meet the following qualifications:

Frequently Asked Questions

Theta Tau is a National, Professional, Co-Ed Engineering Fraternity - engineering leaders for service, profession, and brotherhood. Although we do hold social events, our focus is professional development. First, we try to make you a better Engineer. Then we have a party. Theta Tau is a fraternity as opposed to an engineering society because membership is for life. To learn more about Theta Tau, visit the National Website at ThetaTau.org

No. Although we strongly encourage academic achievement, the minimum required GPA for being initiated into Theta Tau is 2.0.

Yes, most of the time. You can be a member of Theta Tau and any social fraternity or sorority and/or any engineering societies currently at UF. However, there are some other professional fraternities we do not allow our members to join. If you have further questions please ask us.

The more time you put into Theta Tau the more you can get out of it. As a pledge you will need to set at least an hour a week to come to your pledge meetings. It is also to your benefit to attend and help out with whatever events (whether they are professional or social) take place. Once you are a member, you are expected to attend weekly meetings held on the day that is most suitible for majority of the members. You should try to set aside at least an hour and a half for the meeting, but they usually last around one hour. You really do get as much out of Theta Tau as you put into it. If you don't show up for the meetings, don't go to the events, you get nothing out of it. Members who spend a lot of time with Theta Tau find that they get a lot out of it - friendship, leadership experience, connections within UF and elsewhere, and more.

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