Sergio Posada
Roll Number Pledge Class
305 Delta Beta
Nickname Hometown
Sir Fiona Medellin, Colombia
Major Minor
Chemical Engineering
Big Brother Little Brothers
Javier Ortega Alex Hill
Executive Council Positions Chair Positions
Professional Development
LinkedIn Account Graduation Semester
Summer 2009
Quote Internships Held
''I now realize that the power to change the world is within us locked away by fear and ignorance. Once we find the key of courage and knowledge nothing stands farther than our reach, then´┐Żeverything is possible'' FBI, Jan 06 to Aug 06 Michelob Brewing Co., Jan 07 to Aug 07 Anheuser Busch Inc., Apr 08 to Aug 08 Tropicana (PepsiCo), Aug 09 - Oct 11 Nelson Packaging Products, Oct 11 to Mar 14
Employer Occupation
Samuel Adams (Boston Beer Company) Project Engineer