Sean-Paul Ferrera
Roll Number Pledge Class
156 Xi
Nickname Hometown
Donkey Butt, S.P. Boca Raton (I should just say Gainesville being that I\'ve been here for 7 years.)
Major Minor
B.S.C.E., Masters In Engineering Management, looking like I\'ll be getting another masters in Struct Minors are for weenies who can\'t handle another major.
Big Brother Little Brothers
Gerald Godwin Kristin Jones Staudenmaier, Quang Tran, Marisa Lopez, Josh Francis, Danielle Grimmer
Executive Council Positions Chair Positions
LinkedIn Account Graduation Semester
Spring 06 (with my 2nd degree)
Quote Internships Held
My first pledge class was MU and big was Ajay Shah but someone didn't see fit to allow me to input my own information.
Employer Occupation
Self employed and Florida Coastal Montoring Program (Hurricane Research) Losing my mind.